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Ganoderma lucidum(Lingzhi) knowledge heaven


Chooses "Senzhibao" seven mainly reasons
On November 26, 2005, the Senzhibao company produces the Lingzhi broken-down wall spore powder wins 2,005 Zhejiang agriculture exposition quality product gold prize, is Zhejiang Province only attains this great honor the Lingzhi product.
  • The region is superior: Longquan from 1992 starts to product wooden Lingzhi, in 1996 Jan. awarded Chinese Lingzhi first townshipby the State Council R&D center;

  • Environment Daintiness: Longquan is situated at the Zhejiang green valley, the Oujiang River source, within the boundaries has the topest peak Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces-Fengyangshan, the elevation is 1,929 meters. The virgin forest is luxuriant, It has "South Chekiang boundless forest" Name, Whole city forest coverage 79.90%, afforestation rate 95.42%. Air, soil, water quality and so on extremely pure, the ecological environment is extremely exquisite;

  • The variety is good: The Senzhibao Lingzhi selects the fine wooden Lingzhi variety is "South Korea" red Lingzhi,Dragon iris The growth cycle is long, the structure compact, the polysaccharide and so on the effective component accumulates the rich content to be high,Lingzhi mold mushroom spawn through Chinese Academy of Science microorganism research institute state-level appraisal;

  • The raw material is pure: Senzhibao Lingzhi uses Pure Duan Mufang wildly cultivates,Does not have any other supplementary materials (including cotton seed shell, fertilizer, hormone and chemical additive and so on), therefore the Lingzhi and the spore powder heavy metal content is extremely low, is lower than national standard 5-9 time;

  • The purity is high: The spore powder is using the provincial level spark scientific research agriculture project (serial number 013,099) the technical achievement carries on gathers specially, purity high, pellet full, the spore powder quality is superior; The Lingzhi broken-down wall spore powder examines after the authoritative departmentBreaking through a wall rate reaches above 99%;In March, 2005 "the Senzhibao" sign Lingzhi broken-down wall spore powder series product has the honor to receive "Chinese well-known Lingzhi product top-notch brand"!And attains 2005 Zhejiang agriculture exposition Gold prize

  • Superiority: The source area territory superiority, the quality superiority, the base direct sale superiority and the scientific research superiority are extremely obvious. Some has several years specialty to be engaged in medicine edible fungus development and so on the Lingzhi scientific research team. The company subordinate's application fungus research institute (province agriculture department examines and approves Longquan city only food for medicinal purposes fungus mother plants production unit) the specialized production Lingzhi mold mushroom spawn, provides the cultivation technology; Has Lingzhi base three, cultivates on the member hundred. Therefore the Lingzhi and the spore powder origin is distinct, the quality guaranteed, traces to the source the system to obtain the very good implementation. We are outstanding because of specialty

  • The quality is very good: Senzhibao sign Lingzhi broken-down wall spore powder sumBroken-down wall spore powderThe capsule obtains the national food drugs surveillance administrative bureau separatelyAuthorization, authorized document number:Country food healthy characterG20050566 and Country food healthy character G20050646

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